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Published on July 11, 2016

Japan: Earth’s Enchanted Islands is a nature documentary series exploring the landscapes and wildlife of Japan. It was narrated by Michelle Dockery and was co-produced by the BBC Natural History Unit, NHK and National Geographic Channel. The series was broadcast in three parts in the United Kingdom, where it premiered in June 2015 on BBC Two and BBC Two HD

Amami rabbit
Asian particolored bat
Azumi shrew
Birdlike noctule
Bonin flying fox
Echigo mole
Endo’s pipistrelle
Daubenton’s bat
Dsinezumi shrew
Forest tube-nosed bat
Fraternal myotis
Frosted myotis
Greater horseshoe bat
Hokkaido red-backed vole
Hokkaidō wolf
Honshū wolf
Horsfield’s shrew
Ikonnikov’s bat
Imaizumi’s horseshoe bat
Iriomote cat
Japanese dormouse
Japanese badger
Japanese grass vole
Japanese hare
Japanese macaque
Japanese mole
Japanese mountain mole
Japanese raccoon dog
Japanese red-backed vole
Japanese sea lion
Japanese shrew mole
Japanese serow
Japanese squirrel
Japanese water shrew
Japanese weasel
Kobe mole
La Touche’s free-tailed bat
Large Japanese field mouse
Lesser great leaf-nosed bat
Little Japanese horseshoe bat
Muennink’s spiny rat
Northern pika
Okinawa flying fox
Ryukyu flying fox
Ryukyu mouse
Ryukyu shrew
Ryukyu spiny rat
Ryukyu tube-nosed bat
Sado mole
Sado shrew
Shinano whiskered bat
Shinto shrew
Siberian chipmunk
Sika deer
Small Japanese field mouse
Small Japanese mole
Southeast Asian long-fingered bat
Sturdee’s pipistrelle
Tanezumi rat
Tokunoshima spiny rat
True’s shrew mole
Ussuri brown bear
Wild boar
Yanbaru whiskered bat

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