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Published on April 12, 2016

 Mahri has the was channeled,”Violet Flame of Balance and Light” through her Spirit Guides.   The creation of the  painting came in to her over a few days. each time she thought it was complete another part emerged.  Her  “Words of Wisdom” – “Violet Flame of Balance and Light”   came  to her in an instant!

These paintings are Channeled through my Guides, Angels Aesophocles and Andante.  Along with each painting comes a special narrative, Wisdom in Rhyme to give the painting reason.  Enjoy!    Ooooodles of LOVE, Mahri

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Violet Flame of Balance and Light ( Mahri Best Original “Wisdom in Rhyme”) 

When we created our beingness With God at our right hand The limits to beingness were endless Though now we might not understand

‘We trust that all will be shown to us Through the countless ages in time The evolution of our beingness With expansion uniquely sublime

We are gaining a clear understanding Of everything we did create Each facet shows us infinity And the never ending eight

There is nothing for us to do But simply be all we can be Remembering One is still We And that We is the He and the She

In allowing we bring balance Balance for making things right Right in the way God intended To share our magnificent light

The Violet Flame burns eternally Ridding us of unwanted debris The power of balance and light Is the One – is the Us – is the We

Mahri Best Copyrightbest2015

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