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Published on June 4, 2016

my personal top 10 dance numbers in Shirley Temple’s movies from 1934 to 1940 I have limited it to 1 dance number per movie you are more than welcomed to your own personal opinion you may agree or disagree with the list but please no hate!…



dances that almost made the list:
in our little wooden shoes-Heidi
we should be together-little miss Broadway



10.the dance number from curly top-1935 when Shirley Temple dances on-top of a piano to the song curly top at any point Shirley tap dances on-top of a piano it’s going to be in this list!!! I admire this dance very much as Shirley was scared to tap dance on the piano as she thought she would fall off so my hat off to her and it’s very cute too!

9.the dance number from Just around the corner-1938 with bill Robinson the song this is a happy little ditty this is my favorite dance number in just around the corner it’s very cute and anytime bill and Shirley dance together it’s just magical

8.the dance number from the littlest rebel with of course bill Robinson this is just adorable!

7.the dance number from Rebbecca of sunnybrook farm the toy trumpet with again the one and only bill Robinson a very lovely fast paced dance

6.the dance number from little miss Broadway “little miss Broadway” with George Murphy he is a very underrated tap dancer and George and Shirley work very well together I kept going back and forth between we should be together and little miss Broadway but I thought little miss Broadway was the better choice but it was super tough and can we talk about the dress oh my goodness! that dress is gorgeous!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

5.the dance number from baby take a bow on accounta I love you Shirley dances with my favorite co-star James Dunn I could watch them till the end of time lol everything about this dance number shouts cute! the tutu is so beautiful! what amazes me most is Shirley’s ability to tap dance extremely well take instruction just everything!

4.the dance number from Captain January at the codfish ball I cannot say how much I love this dance and what’s absolutely fantastic about this dance it only took 1 hour for Shirley to learn!!!! which is just mind blowing! and when you see them dancing it’s them dancing for the first time they had no rehearsals together which is why the dance looks so natural and why I love it so much!

3.the dance number from stand up and cheer! daddy take a bow this was Shirley’s debut and probably one of Shirley’s most iconic dance numbers with the famous red polka dot dress again amazing Shirley only had a few days to learn the dance as Shirley didn’t come on the film till they were half way during filming she is just too adorable for words!

2.the dance number from the little colonel the staircase dance the most iconic dance number why is it not number 1!?!?!??! you’ll find out this dance number made history! it was Shirley’s and bill’s debut together and it’s wonderful! 🙂

1.the dance number from poor little rich girl military man you are probably wondering why on earth this dance is at number one this is the most complicated dance number Shirley did! it took Shirley 1 week to learn it’s extremely fast paced Shirley struggled with the number and I don’t blame her!!! Shirley danced with Alice Faye and Jack Haley it took a long time for the dance to be recorded as mistakes kept being made as all 3 had to be insync with each other every time I see this dance it amazes me how a little child could learn this dance so quickly and perform it will adults

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