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Published on July 5, 2016

The Stooge is a 1952 American comedy film starring the comedy team of Martin and Lewis. The film was released on December 31, 1952 by Paramount.

In 1930, entertainer Bill Miller believes that he has the ability to become a solo performer. He and his partner Ben Bailey split up and go their separate ways. Miller fails miserably, and his manager, Leo Lyman thinks it would be a good idea to perform with a “stooge.” Enter Ted Rogers, who plays an accident-prone foil for Miller. Soon afterwards, Miller’s act is a hit.

Along the way Rogers is unaware that he is the real reason the act is a success, and becomes very loyal to Miller. Even though he receives no billing, he defends his “partner” when someone suggests he is being taken advantage of by Miller.

However, even Miller’s wife Mary is ashamed of his treatment of Rogers…going so far as to threaten him with divorce. Miller is more determined than ever to prove he can make it as a single and fires Rogers, and promptly regrets his decision as his first act as a true solo artist flops. He addresses the audience, and admits that the “stooge” was the true heart and soul of the act. Rogers, who is sitting in the audience, comes to his rescue by joining him onstage and the two finally become true partners!

Dean Martin as Bill Miller
Jerry Lewis as Theodore ‘Ted’ Rogers
Polly Bergen as Mary Turner
Marion Marshall as Genevieve ‘Frecklehead’ Tait
Eddie Mayehoff as Leo Lyman
Richard Erdman as Ben Bailey
Frances Bavier as Mrs. Rogers

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