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Published on September 15, 2016

The Mississippi Gambler (1953 film)

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The Mississippi Gambler
The Mississippi Gambler FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Rudolph Maté
Produced by Ted Richmond
Written by Seton I. Miller
Starring Tyrone Power
Piper Laurie
Julie Adams
Cinematography Irving Glassberg
Edited by Edward Curtiss
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
  • January 13, 1953
Running time
99 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $5 million[1]

The Mississippi Gambler is a 1953 American adventure film directed by Rudolph Maté.[2] The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Sound Recording (Leslie I. Carey).[3]


On a riverboat, Mark Fallon impresses fellow gambler Kansas John Polly, who takes him under his wing. The advice includes being wary of the rich and dishonest F. Montague Caldwell, who is caught cheating by Mark in a poker game.

Mark makes the acquaintance of attractive Angelique Dureau and her brother, Laurent, who gets in over his head at cards, losing not only all his money to Mark but a priceless necklace belonging to Angelique. She angrily declines when Mark offers to give it back.

Caldwell and his men plot an ambush, but Kansas John is able to help Mark get away to New Orleans safely. There he meets the father of Angelique and Laurent, the sophisticated Edmond Dureau, who is impressed by Mark and wishes his daughter would feel differently toward him. Angelique instead weds a banker, George Elwood.

Mark builds a successful casino. He and Edmond also give a helpful hand to Ann Conant, the sister of an unlucky gambler who committed suicide. Laurent falls for Ann, but she is smitten with Mark. A duel is demanded, resulting in Laurent dishonorably firing prematurely. He misses, then has his life spared when Mark refuses to shoot back.

Angelique’s new banker husband skips town with everyone’s money after a scandal is uncovered. Mark is once again penniless, so the only way he can think of to replenish his funds is to return to his old life as a gambler. Angelique realizes her true feelings and asks to go along.




  • James Adamson as Steward at Fencing Club
  • Ernest Anderson as Bellhop
  • Carl Andre as Mate on the Sultana
  • LeRoi Antoine as Singer
  • Hugh Beaumont as Kennerly
  • Frederic Berest as Carnes
  • Paul Bradley as Gambler
  • Ralph Thomas Brooks as Card Player
  • Dorothy Bruce as Girl
  • George Bruggeman as Fencing Student
  • Eduardo Cansino Jr. as Extra
  • Albert Cavens as Etienne – Fencing Instructor
  • Fred Cavens as Emile Maitre – Fencing Master
  • André Charlot as Keith
  • Michael Cisney as Extra
  • Lyle Clark as Friend
  • Michael Dale as Henchman
  • Marcel De la Brosse as Maitre d’
  • Jack Del Rio as Extra
  • Alan Dexter as Man
  • King Donovan as Spud
  • Edward Earle as Stanley – Dureau Lawyer
  • Anita Ekberg as Maid of Honor
  • George Eldredge as Hewitt
  • John Eldredge as Galbreath
  • Roy Engel as Captain of the Sultana
  • Richard Farmer as Minor Role
  • Michael Granger as Poker Player
  • Jimmy Gray as Poker Player
  • George Hamilton as Benjamin – Elwood Butler
  • Ruth Hampton as Guest
  • Sam Harris as Onlooker at Poker Game
  • Judy Hatula as Guest
  • Renate Hoy as Bridesmaid
  • Charles Anthony Hughes as Teller
  • Valerie Jackson as Guest
  • Joe Kirk ad Onlooker at Poker Game
  • Paul Kruger as Extra
  • Bert LeBaron as Henchman
  • Jackie Loughery as Bridesmaid
  • Dayton Lummis as John Sanford
  • Saul Martell as Tailor
  • Tyler McVey as Businessman
  • Harry Mendoza as Dealer
  • Jeri Miller as Guest
  • David Newell as Helmsman
  • John O’Connor as Extra
  • Franklin Parker as Bartender
  • Jack Perrin as Onlooker at Julian
  • Paul Power as Extra
  • Joey Ray as Extra
  • Dick Rich as Captain
  • Buddy Roosevelt as Extra
  • Dick Ryan as Extra
  • Jeffrey Sayre as Poker Player
  • Phil Schumacher as Ship Worker
  • Rolfe Sedan as Tailor
  • Alex Sharp as Extra
  • Jon Shepodd as Extra
  • Murray Steckler as Extra
  • Angela Stevens as Girl
  • Bert L. Stevens as Onlooker at Poker Game
  • Robert Strong as Extra
  • Brick Sullivan as Caldwell’s Henchman
  • Gayne Sullivan as Poker Player
  • Jeanne Thompson as Bridesmaid
  • Larry Thor as Captain
  • Maya Van Horn as Madame Lesanne
  • Dale Van Sickel as Henchman
  • William Vedder as Minister
  • Gwen Verdon as Voodoo Dancer
  • Bill Walker as Dureau Butler
  • Wally Walker as Extra
  • Hart Wayne as Extra
  • Dennis Weaver as Julian Conant
  • Paul Weber as Extra
  • Frank Wilcox as Judge
  • Lawrence A. Williams as Extra
  • Al Wyatt Sr. as Henchman


The film was very popular. Variety estimated it had earned box office rentals in America of $3 million by the end of 1953.[4]


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