The Blue Time

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Published on September 9, 2016

The Sami People call it the ‘blue time’ – the period in winter when the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon in northern areas of Scandinavia. Jeff Allen visits northern Norway every year, in both winter and summer, to break out of the world of credit cards and double glazing that society has become and explore the breath-taking wilderness and coastline by sea kayak with longtime friend Bjørn Eines. In more recent years, he has taken up dog sledding under the experienced wing of Tore Albrigtsen and now guides expeditions to the region to let others witness the beauty of his favourite place on earth.

Directed, filmed and edited by Greg Dennis
Supported by Sideways –
Original Score composed by Chris Davey –
Voice of Jeff Allen –
With Thanks to Bjørn Eines and Tore Albrigtsen

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