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Published on June 25, 2016

That’s My Boy is a 1951 film starring the comedy team of Martin and Lewis and marked the first time that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis actually had “roles” as opposed to previous efforts in which they played an extension of their nightclub act. It was released on May 13, 1951 by Paramount Pictures.

Junior Jackson (Jerry Lewis) is the nerdy son of a former All-American football hero, Jarring Jack Jackson (Eddie Mayehoff). His mother (Ruth Hussey) is another former star athlete, having been a champion Olympic swimmer. Junior is something of a disappointment to his father, who has a difficult time understanding how two athletes could produce such a weakling.

Junior is more interested in animal husbandry than sports, but his father has other plans. In exchange for free tuition to college, Bill Baker (Dean Martin) makes a deal with Jarring Jack to turn his son into a football star.

Junior somehow makes the team, in addition to falling for beautiful co-ed Terry Howard (Marion Marshall). He is too shy to talk to her, however, so she winds up falling for Bill. Some misadventures follow, including Junior scoring a touchdown—for the opposite team.

To keep up the ruse (and free education), Bill and Terry continue to support Junior and build his new-found confidence. Junior confides to Bill that he intends to marry Terry, so a guilt-ridden Bill gets drunk and makes a scene at Terry’s dorm. As a result, he is expelled.

Junior, finding out the truth about Bill and Terry, is determined to make things right. He goes on to win the big game single-handedly and lives up to his father’s expectations, who proudly exclaims, “That’s my boy!”


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