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Published on July 1, 2016

Stagecoach is a 1966 American film, directed by Gordon Douglas as a remake of the John Ford classic black-and-white western Stagecoach, which won two Academy Awards and received five other nominations, including placement among 1939’s ten Academy Award for Best Picture contenders, a rare distinction for a western. Taking a differently focused casting approach from the then-27-year-old original version which listed its ten leading players in order of importance, the story’s ten central characters were portrayed in 1966 by major stars billed in alphabetical order. Filming took place between July and September 1965.


Ann-Margret [Dallas, The Dancehall Hostess]
Red Buttons [Mr. Peacock, The Whiskey Salesman]
Michael Connors [Hatfield, The Card Shark]
Alex Cord [The Ringo Kid]
Bing Crosby [Josiah Boone, The Alcoholic Doctor]
Bob Cummings [Henry Gatewood, The Embezzler]
Van Heflin [Curley Wilcox, The Marshall]
Slim Pickens [Buck, The Stage Driver]
Stefanie Powers [Mrs. Lucy Mallory, The Expectant Mother]
Keenan Wynn [Luke Plummer, The Killer]
Brad Weston [Matt Plummer]
Joseph Hoover [Lieutenant Blanchard]
John Gabriel [Captain Jim Mallory]
Oliver McGowan [Mr. Haines]
David Humphreys Miller [Billy Pickett]
Bruce Mars [Dancing Trooper]
Brett Pearson [Drunken Sergeant]
Muriel Davidson [Mrs. Ellouise Gatewood]
Ned Wynn [Ike Plummer]
Norman Rockwell [Busted Flush, the Poker Player]
Edwin Mills [Sergeant Major]
Hal Lynch [Jerry the Bartender]
and The Westernaires

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