Secret Millionaire 1.3 – Uma experiência fabulosa!39:16

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Published on July 20, 2016


This is why I created the

Each one of these stories moved my heart and I have decided to share these videos under the category of Compassion .. I hope you are as moved as much as I.

Each one of us can help one another, it starts with caring and deciding that “We Are all One”. Both money and our time have the same impact. The value of what matters is giving back and changing peoples lives.

Be the Change “

This is a Show called the Secret Millionaire. Individuals and couples that have been blessed to achieve success and independent financial security, are given the opportunity to learn about local programs that help give back to the community. After a week being immersed into learning about local needs of the individuals and organizations. They decide how and if they will share their own money and change peoples lives in amazing ways.

‘ Much Love Harry


Quando vi este episódio senti-me arrepiado: também a minha viagem do Pé Descalço mudou para sempre a minha perspectiva sobre a real importância das coisas que temos e fazemos, e ver alguém tão bem-sucedido e generoso a deixar-se tocar pelos que nada têm trouxe-me à memória inúmeros momentos que passei da Suécia até casa. Obrigado, Myles e Cynthia Kovacs, pela vossa generosidade e experiências!

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