Rent – A – Kid – Leslie Nielsen comedy 19951:26:02

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Published on July 5, 2016

Rent-a-Kid is a 1995 American comedy film. It stars Leslie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd, and Matt McCoy. The film was directed by Fred Gerber.

Cliff Haber (Tony Rosato) runs an orphanage, and decides to go on a vacation. He has his father, Harry Haber (Leslie Nielsen), run the orphanage while he is away. Harry has a rental store and decides that it would be a good idea to rent out youngsters to prospective adoptive parents after he hears his son’s testimony on how hard it is for him to find parents for the youngsters he takes care of. Meanwhile, as his son is away, he gets a bigger ideas by overhearing a couple at a Mexican restaurant, a couple by the name of Russ and Valerie Syracuse (Matt McCoy and Sherry Miller) arguing over the issue of wanting to have children.

Through enough persuasion from Harry Haber and giving it thought on their own, they decide to rent all three Ward children, who are Brandon (Amos Crawley), Kyle (Cody Jones), and Molly (Tabitha Lupien). A couple, the Lachmans, come to the orphanage wanting to adopt a girl. They find and choose Molly which they tell Cliff Haber and he spreads on to his father, and as Harry gives the news to Molly, she is not happy, because she does not want to leave her brothers, Kyle and Brandon. So, to try and fix the issue, they attempt to set out to behave as good as they can, so that Russ and Valerie will fall in love with them enough to want to keep them. But their behavior plan ends up failing now and again. But even through all the pros and cons that Russ and Valerie face dealing with them for ten days, at the very last moment, Russ and Valerie decide to adopt all three. Meanwhile, Harry has been trying to find ways to keep his renting out orphan youngsters idea covered up from his son, knowing how eccentric he considers him to be for it. But due to a forum that Harry leaves out on the office table by a phone which his son happens to stumble on, when he returns at the end of the renting period, the attempts fail at the last moment, and he goes and scolds his dad outside the apartment building that the Syracuses live in, accusing him of being overly insane, but changes his mind, when he finds out that his plan worked.

Leslie Nielsen as Harry Haber
Christopher Lloyd as Lawrence ‘Larry’ Kayvey
Matt McCoy as Russ Syracuse
Sherry Miller as Valerie Syracuse
Tabitha Lupien as Molly Ward
Amos Crawley as Brandon Ward
Cody Jones as Kyle Ward
Tony Rosato as Cliff Haber

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