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Published on April 13, 2016

This is only one of the many unsung hero’s at the end of the line, that can bring comfort and solace in the time of crisis. Bless you and keep you for the amazing  career you have chosen. Thank you for all the life’s you safe and the compassion you share.    Much Love and Respect  Harry


I am Posting this Video in Honor of my friend, Edward Snediker,  that passed away in 2015.  Ed  saved my life the very first night  we became volunteer fireman for Powhatan Beach Fire Department in Maryland, while serving in the United States Coast Guard, in 1972. Ed ,the world is missing your compassion, caring and love for your fellow man.  He spent his life in service to others. Today is your birthday April 13 and you are in my Heart!   Much Love and Respect  Harry 


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