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Published on April 3, 2016

Mahri has the was channeled,”Oneness” through her Spirit Guides.   The creation of the  painting came in to her over a few days. each time she thought it was complete another part emerged.  Her  “Words of Wisdom” – ONENESS  came  to her in an instant!

These paintings are Channeled through my Guides, Angels Aesophocles and Andante.  Along with each painting comes a special narrative, Wisdom in Rhyme to give the painting reason.  Enjoy!    Ooooodles of LOVE, Mahri

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Oneness – (Mahri Best – “Original Wisdom in Rhyme”)

The truth of our being human Began in the womb of the star It gave us lifetime upon lifetime Bringing us here where we are

The sun brings about evolution Creating all that we see We’re the Oneness of beings created Allowing in all ways to be

We’ve been through so many lifetimes And worn every color of skin We’ve experienced all of life’s battles In each body that we have been in

“Each incarnation’s recorded” Says the giraffe – overseer of tales Nature’s supported our journeys Our stories are sung by the whales

Two Magpies heralding mirth Guiding life in a whole different way Recognizing connection to Spirit Effectively brightening our day

The Dolphins are here to remind us Of the playfulness we left behind The moon and the ocean bring comfort And quiet to what’s on our mind

The butterfly heralds our freedom To be whatever we choose to be The rainbow of chakra energy So bright, yet we may not yet see

The dog is our faithful companion One who would not let us down The rabbit reminds us of procreation And our Oneness of high renown

Our Oneness is all that’s important With compassion and love as our force Being one with all of creation From the Stars directing our course

Copyright Best 2015

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