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Published on September 3, 2016

Making the Grade (film)

VIDEO of Making the Grade – Judd Nelson

Making the Grade
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Dorian Walker
Written by Charles Gayle
Gene Quintano
Music by Basil Poledouris
Cinematography Jacques Haitkin
Edited by Daniel Wetherbee
Distributed by Cannon Film Distributors
MGM/UA Entertainment Co.
Release dates
May 18, 1984
Running time
104 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Making the Grade is a 1984 American film.[1] It was directed by Dorian Walker and written by Charles Gale and Gene Quintano. It was filmed at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.[2]


Palmer Woodrow (Dana Olsen) is a rich prep school kid who rarely attends class and has been expelled from numerous prep schools. His parents are traveling internationally and inform him that he has been enrolled at Hoover Academy and he has one last chance to graduate or he will be cut off financially. Meanwhile, Eddie Keaton (Judd Nelson) is a small-time con artist who has run afoul of a local loanshark named “Dice.” Via a chance meeting, Woodrow hires Keaton for $10,000 and a Porsche to attend his prep school and graduate, freeing Woodrow to travel to Europe for skiing.[3]

Production notes[edit]

This film marks the first appearance of Andrew Clay’s “Dice” persona.

At the start of the film’s final credits, the characters Palmer and Eddie are touted as returning in the upcoming movie, Tourista.[4] However, after low theatrical interest in the duo and repeated missed deadlines (of which Olsen tried to contribute as a writer), the script for Tourista was never completed. The pair never teamed up in filmmaking again.


Actor Role
Judd Nelson Eddie Keaton
Jonna Lee Tracey Hoover
Gordon Jump Mr. Harriman
Walter Olkewicz Coach Wordman
Ronald Lacey Nicky
Dana Olsen Palmer Woodrow
John Dye Skip
Carey Scott Rand
Scott McGinnis Bif
Andrew Dice Clay Dice
Dan Schneider Blimp


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