Lofoten Winter

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Published on September 10, 2016

This is a re edit of footage I shot in Lofoten, Norway in the winter of 2014. For those of you who have never visited Lofoten it is a photographers paradise. Rugged mountain ranges tower out of the ocean creating fjords which reflect the surrounding mountains like a mirror. It’s hard to describe the beauty of such a place and even harder to do it justice with a camera.

I have only been here in winter but will be travelling back there twice this year when there will be no night at first, then a twilight that will go for hours. It’s one of those locations that offers so much over all the seasons. Winter is a typical iconic Arctic Circle landscape with thick blankets of snow covering everything bar the walls of the quaint little fishing huts that dot the surrounding towns. At night if your lucky you will be able to capture the Northern Lights. Days tend to be short however and clouds can reduce the chance of getting good light but if your lucky it’s amazing.

On our trip we didn’t get many days of good skies but there is always drama unfolding which for a videographer is gold. The weather in part was good however we did experience a lower snowfall winter so many of the peaks didn’t have full snow coverage. In actual fact it was as warm as 6 degrees on most days so it was totally bearable. It could be -26 with blizzards that keep you stranded in your accommodation for days. Thats the risk you take visiting in winter.

I’m travelling back to Lofoten from the 26th July to the 4th August with my brother Christian Fletcher, good friend, photographer and experienced traveller to Lofoten, Rod Thomas, and local Norweigan guide Tommy Simonsen. We have put together a workshop which maximises the best light around these islands. Sunset will be 11.30pm and Sunrise will be 3.30am. Twilight will be about 4 hours long. The opportunities to capture these amazing vistas will be first class.

For more information about this workshop visit christianfletchertraining.com/product/lofoten-norway-july-26-august-4-2016/

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