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Published on September 10, 2016

I have just returned from one of the most under-rated journeys on the True North calendar, the “Southern Safari”. I was in a mind set of “how is this trip going to top the Kimberley’s or Papua New Guinea?”

With an informed decision I can honestly say that this trip is equally as enjoyable as all the others I have done. The diverse range of landscapes made for a captivating backdrop as we cruised the Southern Ocean eating some of the best food I have eaten on the True North, all which was sourced from the local area. Things like 55cm long King George Whiting, Southern Blue Fin Tuna, Coffin Bay Oysters, and Pink Snapper to name a few.

I felt like we were on some great oceanic expedition to discover new colonies of rare fur seals on dramatic, rugged, windswept islands. It really feels like you are exploring islands off Antarctica but in reality you not even 40 miles from the South Australian coastline.

We hit some pretty ordinary weather on a few days but as most of the trip is conducted around the protection of the coastline it was smooth and comfortable. This also added to the experience of adventure.

On two occasions we had the ability to interact with two of the Southern Oceans iconic inhabitants. The Southern Blue Fin Tuna and the Great White Shark.

Both of these activities involved jumping into the water with these amazing creatures and I am happy to say that even though I was ready to film the Great Whites in action, the fact that they didn’t turn up on the day was no real disappointment. In fact I cant remember hearing one complaint from the rest of the passengers about missing the opportunity. Funny about that.

I was fortunate enough to meet a great bloke who was employed by True North as a local guide for this trip. His name is Kane Slater and apart from knowing a heap about this region he is also an amazing musician and the music I have used on this production has been written and performed by Kane. If you like what you hear why not look him up at and let him know I sent you. I feel the music compliments the rugged landscape perfectly. Thanks Kane for allowing me to use your music. Good luck with your new arrival mate.

As usual I cant forget to thank the owners of True North again for sending me on another awesome trip. You can check it out for yourself at or contact Mark direct at

Gear used is the usual Canon 5D mk2 with a range of Canon lenses.

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