Gunsmoke -1958 Audie Murphy , Susan Cabot ,Paul Kelly, Donald Randolph1:15:42

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Published on July 1, 2016

Gunsmoke is a 1953 western film directed by Nathan Juran and starring Audie Murphy alongside Susan Cabot, Paul Kelly, Charles Drake. Gunsmoke is a Technicolor film for action star and war hero Audie Murphy.[2] The film has no connection to the contemporary radio and later TV series of the same name. The film was based on the 1951 novel Roughshod by Norman A. Fox.

Murphy stars as Reb Kittridge, a wandering hired gun who is hired to kill a rancher (played by Paul Kelly). The gunman has also fallen in love with the rancher’s daughter (Susan Cabot). Reb mends his ways by the time Gunsmoke comes to a close.

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