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Published on April 12, 2016

 Mahri has the was channeled,”Frequencies” through her Spirit Guides.   The creation of the  painting came in to her over a few days. each time she thought it was complete another part emerged.  Her  “Words of Wisdom” – “Frequencies”   came  to her in an instant!

These paintings are Channeled through my Guides, Angels Aesophocles and Andante.  Along with each painting comes a special narrative, Wisdom in Rhyme to give the painting reason.  Enjoy!    Ooooodles of LOVE, Mahri

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Frequency ( Mahri Best Original “Wisdom in Rhyme”) 

Whenever I think of frequencies I picture a radio dial I turn to my favorite station then my heart begins to smile I’m recognizing words and dialogue that remind me of who I am Every word a picture showing me a powerful plan

It’s important that I honor all these reminders that flow Tor each reminder points to the conclusion of the show The show that I am speaking of is my life at every stage Just as with this book in my hand -1 can’t wait to turn the page

As I line up with the frequency that brings the most joy to my Soul 1 get that heartfelt feeling of being a part of the whole As the connection grows weaker and I fumble with the dial I get the strangest feeling that I must let go of this a while

Until I recognize a new frequency of information coming through Then I listen moat intently as it tells me what to do There’s an urgency I often feel as these frequencies unfold And now it’s time to let that go as that’s ego – so I’m told

The ego brings distortion to the message I receive Ail I must do is trust and with ail my heart believe I believe these frequencies are lining up with information Information that prepares me for a special celebration

The celebration of all of us as being One in this wonderful vibration Receiving all that I’ve been giving through the frequency of elation I must remain open in this moment and pay attention to all I feel Trusting the frequency of elation to show what I’m feeling is real


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