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Published on July 10, 2016

People find something amazing in Britain. They find very old human footprints. The footprints are very special. They are the oldest footprints in Europe. Older footprints are only in Africa.
Scientists take pictures of the footprints. They use the pictures to make a model. There’s a conference in London. The pictures and the model are shown there. Most of the footprints are children’s.
This is a great discovery. It gives us new information. We will understand history better.
Difficult words: amazing (rare and special), footprint (picture of a human foot in the ground), scientist (clever person who is an expert in something), model (small object that shows what something looks like), discovery (something which is found).

The oldest human footprints in Europe have been discovered in Britain. There are only three other sets of footprints that are older and they are in Africa.

Scientists took digital photographs of the footprints and created a 3D image from them. The images and model were unveiled at a news conference at the British Museum in London. Scientists think that most of the footprints are children’s. There was at least one adult, too.

Discoveries of ancient man’s footprints are extremely rare. Scientists say that the discovery will rewrite our understanding of human occupation of Britain and Europe.

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