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Published on July 4, 2016

David Copperfield Magician Biography

David Copperfield is a world-famous magician whose tricks include making the Statue of Liberty disappear and walking through the Great Wall of China.
Early Life and Career

Born David Seth Kotkin on September 16, 1956, in Metuchen, Jersey, David Copperfield is one of the world’s most famous magicians and wealthiest entertainers. Copperfield got his start with magic at the age of 12, when he became the youngest person to gain admission into the Society of American Magicians.

By age 16, he was teaching a course in magic at New York University and performing under the name David Copperfield, after the popular Charles Dickens novel. After a brief stint at Fordham University, Copperfield was cast as the lead in the Chicago musical The Magic Man.
Famed Magician and TV Personality

The success of The Magic Man led to a job hosting an ABC magic special, which Copperfield parlayed into a lucrative career. He went on to perform his magic feats more than 500 times a year. Copperfield’s most popular illusions include walking through the Great Wall of China, making the Statue of Liberty disappear and escaping from a flaming raft over Niagara Falls.

Over his long career, Copperfield has garnered 21 Emmy Awards, been named “Magician of the Century” and “Magician of the Millennium,” received the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame awarded to a living magician, and received the prestigious U.S. Library of Congress’ Living Legend Award (other award recipients include Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Colin Powell). Additionally, Copperfield was knighted by the French government, becoming the first magician to receive the Chevalier of Arts and Letters.

According to Forbes magazine, Copperfield earned $57 million in merchandise and tour revenue in 2005 alone. By 2012, the magician’s net worth was estimated at $150 million, and his ticket sales had grossed an estimated $3 billion.

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