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Myskery Melody (1961) – Popeye

Poopdeck Pappy is visiting Popeye and Olive when he hears a mysterious tune. Pappy is worried, because the Sea Hag tries to kidnap him using a sweet melody. He tells …

Kiddie Kapers (1961) – Popeye

Olive teases Popeye that he’s getting old, and that she’d like to go out with someone younger. Brutus overhears and asks Sea Hag to give him a youth potion to …

Barbecue For Two (1960) – Popeye

Popeye is getting his backyard ready a barbecue for two with Olive or so he thinks. Out Goes Bluto and in comes Brutus ..Popeye for some silly reason didn’t think …

Weight For Me (1961) – Popeye

After six months at sea, Popeye and Bluto are just dying to see Olive. Olive was lonesome while they were at sea, though. She ate everything in sight, and she’s …

Robot Popeye (1961) – Popeye

Brutus purchases a robot which looks like Popeye, and uses it to sabotage Popeye’s relationships and reputation. He tricks Olive into getting mad at Popeye so that he can get …

Butler Up (1961) – Popeye

Olive wants to impress her old college boyfriend, so she gets all dolled up and convinces Popeye to pose as her butler for the evening.

Popeye Thumb (1961) – Popeye

After some kids tease Swee’Pea about being so small (they call him Quarter Pint), Popeye reads him the story of “Popeye Thumb” (Tom Thumb, Popeye-style)! In the story,

Going Boing Gone (1961) – Popeye

Wimpy tries to cajole Brutus into buying him some hamburgers by making him believe that they’re best friends. When Brutus realizes what he’s up to, he becomes angry. Not wishing …

Tiger Burger (1960) – Popeye

Popeye and Wimpy set out for India and some big game hunting. They learn that a native village is terrified of Tonga, the fiercest man eating tiger of the land.

Track Meet Cheat (1960) – Popeye

Here be #248 Track Meet Cheat … Popeye and Olive are spectators at a track meet. Olive sees Brutus showing his athletic prowess. Popeye, jealous, hops out on the field …

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