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Published on April 12, 2016

Mahri has the was channeled,”Breaking Through Fear” through her Spirit Guides.   The creation of the  painting came in to her over a few days. each time she thought it was complete another part emerged.  Her  “Words of Wisdom” – “Ego Born of Fear”   came  to her in an instant!

These paintings are Channeled through my Guides, Angels Aesophocles and Andante.  Along with each painting comes a special narrative, Wisdom in Rhyme to give the painting reason.  Enjoy!    Ooooodles of LOVE, Mahri

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Ego Born of Fear ( Mahri Best Original “Wisdom in Rhyme”)

In moments of uncertainty we often lose our power

And fall victim to a life that need not be

If only we would recognize the part that ego plays

We could conger up the world we want to see

Whenever we feel victimized we must take time to look inside

And face that fear that’s standing in our way

If the story that belongs to it is of a day gone by

We must be grateful that this is a brand new day

If the story you’re repeating and the players are the same

It’s time to give the leading role a completely different name

You see it’s all a story now – this memory from your past

You can choose to let it go or choose to make it last

The energy you give this is meant for other things

The moment that you let it go – just see the joy it brings

This magnificent new moment a new story will appear

And if it’s not infused with joy it is ego born of fear

You have the power to recognize that feeling less than whole

Because the fear inside of you cannot touch your soul

CopyrightBest 2015

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