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Published on April 4, 2016

These paintings are Channeled through my Guides, Angels Aesophocles and Andante.  Along with each painting comes a special narrative, Wisdom in Rhyme to give the painting reason.  Enjoy!   

Ooooodles of LOVE, Mahri

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Allowing  (Original “Wisdom in Rhyme – Mahri Best) 

Allowing the recollection of all my lives My lifetimes on earth so far I recognize there is not one lifetime Where I was not the star

I’ve been everything I could imagine From a King, a Queen, a bum And I’m open to many more lifetimes In those lifetimes yet to come

For every lifetime is reminding me What’s been hidden from my view Each time that I incarnate Life shows me what to do

It shows me the importance

Of living here and now

And not to drag along the past with me

To take another bow

It’s time to let go all those stories That Karma holding me And experience those things I choose To live my life and be

To not get caught up in the doing But being all that I can be To sit upon that star of mine And know that I am free

Free to be all that I’ve been dreaming of For all those lifetimes left behind And to begin a new adventure Of a very different kind

One where I write the script And feel completely whole Guided by my Higher self Through the essence of my soul

I’m allowing all Gods gifts to me To flourish as newly watered seeds And to create a living pathway Of magnificent good deed


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