Aladdin – One Jump Ahead03:44

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Published on June 25, 2016

“One Jump Ahead” and its reprise are two songs from the 1992 Disney animated film Aladdin. They are both performed by Aladdin (Brad Kane in the film, and Adam Jacobs in the musical).

“One Jump Ahead” takes place as Aladdin causes havoc in the square and acts like a street rat. After stealing a loaf of bread, Aladdin is chased by the guards through the streets of Agrabah, always reminding the audience that he must steal in order to survive. While dodging the guards, Aladdin climbs up buildings, ducks behind street performers, swings into a harem, and even attracts the attention of some of the street ladies of Agrabah. The reprise of the song takes place immediately after when he starts to question what his life has become and if there is a better future for him.

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