9th and Bay

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Published on August 17, 2016

Overcoming the odds against all adversities. It’s as American as apple pie. It’s what drives ordinary people to extraordinary things.

An ex-professional fighter, born and raised in the inner city, struggles to make ends meet while providing for his family. What he has, he has earned all on his own.

Nick Lanciano, (playing himself), does everything he can to keep his satellite installation business, his family, his dream to one day make movies and an ever-straining relationship with his best friend and brother-in-law (Andy Laquintano), intact.

But when his brother-in-law dies suddenly and with his business failing, Nick is forced to obtain gainful full time employment, working for someone else; something he abhors but realizes he must do for the sake of his family. And regardless of his unbridled passion and talent for making films, he is turned away time and again for lack of experience and necessary education, i.e. a degree.

Nick’s wife Ruth, (Elizabeth Bitsy Jennings) normally very supportive of Nick, finds her support tough to come by as her relationship with Nick becomes more and more strained; as does Nick’s relationship with his daughters, Erica (Nikki Prantil ) and Meah (Mia Prantil).

His body physically drained from the wars inside the ring, his mind mentally spent from those outside it, Nick realizes his biggest opponent is not one he can lace up the gloves and take head on.

He realizes his toughest opponent is life. Applying the skills he learned in the ring, he decides to take one more shot… one more stab… at overcoming the odds. And along the way he will learn his most important lesson: You don’t have to be a boxer to be a fighter.



Nick Lanciano

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E-MAIL: nickl@lancianoproductions.com

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