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Published on May 13, 2016

92 DREAMIN directed by Mikhael Villegas and Escarla Abreu

“In a parallel universe outside the realm of reality lies the home to all imagination. A place made entirely of skateboard dreams. Where linear fluid existence is disrupted by chaos and creativity. Where digital meets analog. A lawless limitless frontier.”

92 DREAMIN incorporates live action with 3D and VFX. With this project we hope to disrupt the linear fluidity expected in most video media. To incorporate multiple mediums and experimental methods into one. As artists we draw inspiration from the irregularity in our everyday lives and have manifested that sense of uneasiness in our piece.

Thank you to everyone that helped make this film an idea to reality.

Directors // Mikhael Villegas, Escarla Abreu
Producer // Julia Odle
Skater // Cooper Winterson
Editer // Mikhael Villegas
Thesis Advisor // Brendan Gallagher
3D Direction // Escarla Abreu
3D Modeling // Escarla Abreu, Mikhael Villegas, Kwan Au
Motion Capture & Animation // Escarla Abreu, Mikhael Villegas, Cody Hann
Shading, Lighting & Rendering // Escarla Abreu
Director Of Photography // Michael Williams, Mikhael Villegas
Visual Effects Lead // Mikhael Villegas
Roto // Mikhael Villegas, Pimentel, Jodelyne Arias
Score // Com Truise
Sound Design // Mikhael Villegas, Jack Caron, Chris Zack

Special Thanks // Mom & Dad, Sister, John McIntosh, Manong Filino and Manang Lydia, Erik Montavano, Andreea Pricheea, Brendan Gallagher, Eran Dinur, Moe, Zoot Crew, BDN, Broski, Senior Lab Crew, Richard Hagen, Brian Frey, and Vic Fina.

Created at the School of Visual Arts.

For more check out the blog —-> 92dreaminthemovie.tumblr.com

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